3 Signs You Have Too Many Devices on Your Internet


In fact, it would be very difficult to ignore the vast impact that the Internet is having on the world community. According to research published lately, there are around five billion Internet users in the world. To give him a little context about how big that figure is, that is almost two-thirds of the people who live in the face of this land.

Awesome, huh? Let us tell you another shocking figure. These people do not use the Internet once or twice a month; Research says that people spend hours using the global network every day! A quick look at your day will show you how shocking is the Internet. We started our day using the network, keep using everything throughout the day, and ends our night with him too!

Given how big an impact that creates the Internet in the human race, it only makes sense that we are concerned if we are getting the ideal wifi service or not. After all, the slow or non-reliable service will make all your day less productive and less pleasant! One of the main reasons why net quality decreases are because too many devices are often connected to your wifi. For the most part, it has a limited bandwidth in its place and, if it is supposed to connect twenty devices, the amount of bandwidth that each obtains is generally too low. In this article, we will be discussing the signs that you might be receiving if too many devices are connected.

1. Video call

Do you have loved ones that you live far away and video calls from time to time to catch up? If so, do you ever happen that the Internet is too slow to show you a good image quality of your family member or friend? Alternatively, do your friends and family often complain that your image is being shown blurred on your devices? In all cases mentioned above, you are experiencing Internet irregular, which simply is not fast enough for video calls. This can be very good because too many devices are connected to the Wi-Fi network of your home.

2. Online Games

There are many online players in the world. And almost everyone has the same nightmare. A slow internet connection or one that comes and is directed intermittently. After all, nobody wants your connection to disappear when they are in the middle of a game. How would they face their teammates again that they will return to everyone will think that the first left him high and dry? And with games these days such as Dota2 and Fortnite that require a very fast Internet connection, it is required to face this type of situation if you are an online player, you do not have a quality net service provider that serves you and has Too many devices connected to your Wi-Fi.


One thing you can do is get a router that has a service quality function built inside. What makes the quality of the service function is that it allows your router to prioritize the delivery of the Internet to a gaming device through a device that is not a game.

3. Tools

There are many tools such as grammatically and Copyscape that run on the Internet. In the event that they are usually executed correctly on their device, but they are not working at this time, it can be a signal that there are too many devices connected to their net. In fact, online tools are necessary to guarantee productivity in today’s busy world. You owe yourself and your career to find out what is wrong with your Internet.

How to investigate

Okay, your Internet is slow and there is a possibility that you may be acting that way because too many devices are connected to it. However, there may be many other reasons that include but are not limited to

  • Virus: The viruses decrease the speed of the operation of everything on their device, including Internet browsers.
  • Non-reliable ISP: Your Internet service provider may not be transmitting the connection to your home in a way.
  • Broken or bending the cable
  • The cable to its router may have been too inclined or broken
  • There may be many obstructions near your router.
  • The interference of the device may be happening.

The point is that there are many reasons other than the connection with too many devices that can lead to the deceleration of their connection. Therefore, it is important to investigate more every time your connection is slow. One way to investigate if there are too many connected devices is to ask everyone in your home if you have recently connected a new device to the Wi-Fi system of the building. Another thing you should be doing is discovering if someone who lives near you is stealing your net. You do this by changing your password and seeing if the Internet speed improves.


It is fine, so now it has come to the conclusion that too many devices are connected to your Internet. What to do about it now?

  • One thing you can do is decrease the number of connected devices. Look for devices that you do not use, but it is still. Do you really use Google Home or Alexa? If not, maybe it’s time to turn it off.
  • Another thing you can do is get faster. An option that has in many States of the United States of America is subscribing to XFINITY, as it offers reliable but affordable Internet that also has high speeds.


In this article, we not only talk about the signs that meant that there were too many devices connected to your wifi; We also tell you the way to investigate that definitely. Later, we told him how to proceed in this type of situation. Hopefully, this article will help you solve what you need to set for your Internet speed to increase at optimal levels.